All the Hollywood flicks whether they are popular, latest, or all-time classics; are available and ready to watch on the new video streaming application that goes by the name ‘Coto Movies.’ With a big inventory of movies and tons of other features, CotoMovies has, indeed, become a rage amongst movie buffs. Apart from Hollywood movies, you can watch popular TV Series as well on Coto Movies application. The great thing is that the application is compatible with multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Firestick as well as Windows PC/MAC Computerit is seen that CotoMovies app is the right choice for all the Android, Firestick and PC users who wish to get unlimited movies and entertainment for free.

CotoMovies APK iOS, FireStick & PC

Download CotoMovies App Android, iOS, FireStick & PC

The development team behind CotoMovies application has worked hard in the past and is persistently working hard to make Coto Movies dominate the relative market.The app is popular for the great number of new releases it offers. With the largest collection of movies, high-quality contents and improved performance. As far as the current scenario is concerned, the development team has, certainly, succeeded in its mission because CotoMovies is the most sought-after application in the relative market. In this post, we are going to share with you the features plus the download and installation steps of CotoMovies on Android, iOS, Firestick & Windows PC/MAC Computer.


New streaming apps are coming up every now and then. Many of them are paid apps and it is quite difficult to choose from the rest. We have made it easier for you. After trying out almost all of them, CotoMovies app gives you a whole new online streaming experience.If we speak about the coolest feature of CotoMovies APK, then it should be the immensely big inventory of movies and TV shows that it has. Addition of new content happens daily and this way the content management team of CotoMovies makes sure that the users find all the stuff that they want on the application.

  • CotoMovies is a free application. There are no hidden costs or in-app purchases. It does have ads but they are not annoying at all.
  • You don’t require registering on the application nor do you require choosing a username or providing your email id or mobile number. You simply install the application and then dig into it.
  • Subtitles are available for the movies in over 255 languages.
  • The user interface of CotoMovies is pretty simple. It is divided into Popular, Trending and Latest Updates. There is a search option available as well through which you can search for your favorite movie or TV show.
  • Please note that CotoMovies supports Chromecast as well. This means, whenever you want, you can take the entertainment to the big screen of your television. Although you can install it on your Firestick as well for that purpose.
  • CotoMovies APK is a lightweight application and doesn’t occupy much space on any of your device.
  • There is an option to download the movies to your Local Storage as well so that you can watch them offline in Coto Movies APK, whenever you wish to, without an internet connection.

These are some of the major features of Coto Movies application. To get the real experience you require installing CotoMovies APK on your Android or iOS device or Firestick or Windows PC/MAC Computer. Following are the steps to download and install Coto Movies on each of these platforms.

COTO MOVIES APK FOR Android, iOS, FireStick & PC



  • CotoMovies APK is a 3rd party application. It is not available on the Google Play Store. Hence, under the installation process, your first step is to navigate to Settings -> Security of your Android device and turn on the option of Unknown Sources. This is exceedingly important as without performing this step you won’t be able to carry on with the installation process of Coto Movies. You will find the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ under ‘Device Administration’ in Security.

DOWNLOAD cotomovies

  • Post activating ‘Unknown Sources,’ please launch the default browser from your Android mobile and download the CotoMovies APK from here.

   Download COTOMOVIES APK V2.2.5 for Android  

  • Patiently wait for the Coto Movies APK file to download. After the APK file has finished downloading move to the download location and tap on the APK file to start the installation process.
  • The setup will inform you of the permissions required by the application.
  • Provide the required permissions to the application and tap on ‘Install’ on the next window to allow the setup to install CotoMovies on your Android mobile/tablet.

Apps listed on Coto Movies APK

  • Please wait for the installation process to get over. You require being patient as it could take some minutes. Once the installation process is over, you can locate the icon of CotoMovies on the home screen of your Android smartphone. The same will be available in the App Drawer as well.
  • Simply tap the icon to launch the application and an interface containing the ‘Trending Movies’ will welcome you. Search for your favorite movie, grab some popcorn, and get going.


For installing Coto Movies on iOS there are two approaches that you can follow. Install it directly from the URL or use the services of a 3rd party App Store named as ‘AppValley.’

Method 1: Direct Installation from Official URL

  • Under the first method please launch Safari Browser from your iOS device. Make sure you use Safari Browser only as that will only work for the process. Please navigate to the below given link.

   Download COTOMOVIES for iOS  

  • Wait for the webpage to load up. Once the webpage loads up, scroll down and you will see a red colored ‘Download’ button. Press on it and you will get redirected to the ‘Download’ part of the page.
  • From here tap on ‘Download for iOS’ and a pop up will come up stating that will like to install CotoMovies application on your iPhone.’ Tap ‘Install’ to allow the setup to continue.


  • Navigate to the home screen of your iOS device and you will find the icon of CotoMovies present there.
  • Don’t launch the application yet. Please navigate to Settings -> General -> Device Management and trust the profile of CotoMovies. Once you trust the profile please go ahead and launch the application.

Method 2: Using AppValley

  • Under this method, you require taking the services of a 3rd party App Store named as ‘AppValley’ for installing Coto Movies on your iOS device.
  • Please launch Safari Browser and navigate here. This will take you to the download page of AppValley.

   Download COTOMOVIES for iOS via AppValley  

  • Wait for the webpage to load completely. Once the webpage loads up you will see an ‘Install AppValley’ button. Tap on it for the installation procedure to start.
  • Once the installation process is over, don’t launch the application straight away. First, please navigate to Settings -> General -> Device Management, and trust the profile of AppValley.
  • Now launch AppValley from the icon of the same available on the home screen of your iOS device.
  • It will amaze you that the interface of AppValley looks exactly like the official App Store. Simply, search for CotoMovies and press on ‘Get’ to begin the installation procedure of CotoMovies on your iPhone/iPad.


  • Be patient as the installation procedure might take time. Just like regular applications, you will see a gray color icon of CotoMovies installing itself on the home screen of your iOS device with a circular progress bar. That’s it! Within a few minutes, the installation will complete and CotoMovies will be all yours to use.


  • As a first, what goes for every 3rd party application we require navigating to Settings -> My Firestick -> Developer Options and toggle on the option of ‘Apps from Unknown Sources.’

Check unknown sources

  • Next, from the main screen of your Fire Device please search for ‘Downloader’ application. We are searching for ‘Downloader’ application as it is removed lately from the Amazon App Store.
  • You will see the search results. Tap on the ‘Downloader’ application and install the same on your Fire device. The application has an orange colored icon with a download symbol [Arrow Pointing Downwards].

  • Once the ‘Downloader’ application’s installation is successfully over, please launch the same and navigate to ‘Settings’ of the application and enable JavaScript. This is because most web pages are in JavaScript and you require this option ‘ON’ in order to install Coto Movies.
  • After this, in the ‘Browser’ tab, in the Downloader application, in the address bar please follow up the given link.


  • Once the webpage loads, you will see a button highlighted as ‘Download CotoMovies APK.’
  • Yes! Correct! You require tapping on the button in order for the download to start. Once the download is over, the APK file will launch automatically and you require tapping on ‘Install’ to install the application on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Fire Cube.
  • Press on ‘Done’ once the installation is successfully over.

  • Now, Downloader App will request you to delete the APK. Please do the same as you require saving space on your Fire Device.
  • Navigate to ‘Your Apps and Channel’ section of the Fire Device and you will see CotoMovies present there.


Following are the steps to download and install CotoMovies on Windows 10/8/7/8.1/XP PC/Laptop and MAC Computer.

  • Please note that you require an Android Emulator on your Windows PC/MAC Computer to install Coto Movies on PC. We recommend BlueStacks Android Emulator for the purpose.
  • You can go ahead and download the offline setup for the emulator from the official website
  • Please wait for the offline setup file to download. Once the download is over, please tap on the offline setup executable file for the installation process to start. You simply need to follow the easy on-screen instructions to install BlueStacks on your PC. Provide the installation location. Tap on ‘Next’ and on the final screen hit ‘Install.’
  • Once BlueStacks has successfully installed, please download latest CotoMovies APK file on your Windows/MAC Computer from here.

   Download COTOMOVIES APK V2.2.5 for Windows PC/MAC

  • Wait for the APK file to download and thereafter, move to the download location and right click on the APK file. A pop-up menu will appear. Please select the option of ‘Open with -> BlueStacks’ from the popup menu.
  • That’s it! The emulator itself will pick up the APK file and install the same on your Windows PC/MAC Computer.


  • Once the installation is over, you can locate the icon of CotoMovies on the home screen of the emulator.
  • Now, you simply need to grab some gourmet popcorn and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on your Windows PC/MAC Computer.

CotoMovies FAQs on Android, iOS and Windows PC/MAC

Q – Is the content available in HD?

It depends on the time of availability. The content may not be exactly HD if you are watching a movie on CotoMovies post few days of its global release. However, HD content for the same gets available much earlier as compared to other relative applications.

Q – Can I add external subtitles to the app?

Yes! You certainly can. Download the external subtitles file. While playing a movie tap on ‘CC’ on the top right corner and select ‘External’ as the subtitle option. From here you can choose your externally downloaded subtitle file.

Q – Can I change the language of the app?

Yes! All you need to do it to head over to Menu -> Settings. Here you will see the ‘Language’ option wherein you can choose the language which you desire for the application.

Q – Can I stream movies on my PS4 and Xbox through CotoMovies?

Yes! CotoMovies allows you to do that as well.

Download CotoMovies on Android, iOS, Firestick & Windows PC/MAC Computer

So, these were the simple steps to download and install CotoMovies on Android/iOS device, Firestick, and Windows PC/MAC Computer. If you get stuck anywhere during the installation process, face some issues with the application or have any question to ask please go ahead and put the same down in the comments section provided below.